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February 16, 2011


So the last month was spent in Orlando trying to get my game in shape. I've been working my butt off trying to make sure this year is going to be better then the last. Lots of time in the gym and lots of time at the Grand Cypress training center. I have to say, I feel better then I remember ever feeling about where I am and where I'm heading. Now all I need is patience to let it all come together.

I've made my way to Thailand and lovely Pattaya. I think this might have been a nice place to come about 25 years ago but now it's just kinda sad.. too many x-rated bars and fat old men in speedos. One of the great things that they have here thou is tons and tons of massage places. Oil, Thai and foot massage... it's a dream after a long day on the course.

The course we are playing is very nice and in great shape. The greens are like my hard wood floor after I've soaped them, slippery. If you can avoid a downhill putt, I'd most certainly recommend it. I putted off the putting green when I get on there on Monday..

Today I spent my afternoon out on the town taking a few pictures. This is one of the few places you can sit in one spot and still get an ever changing canvas.





  1. Egad! Fat old men in Speedos! Your photos convey exactly what I think of when (if) I think of Thailand. I'd also guess that there are parts of it that are nice and other parts best left alone. True of all major U.S. cities as well.

    You have clearly done your gym work. Now it's time to let your natural abilities come forward. I wish you great success in 2011!

  2. Oh yes, the thai foot massage is the best in my opinion. Helped me recover from foot surgery quick. My podiatrists recommended it to me.

  3. Nothing like a good Thai massage in a spa after a day of exploring. It is a definite feel good experience.

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