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October 3, 2011

Solheim week

Where do I start?

The team
We had such a great team and I can’t praise my team mates enough. For the first time ever I felt we didn’t have a weak link. We had 12 strong players and with that comes freedom for the captain. I know I needed one match rest and with that I was able to go out in the singles and pull out what I needed. Without that match rest I’m not sure I would have been able to keep my good play up on the back nine on that Sunday.
When reporters asked us what we did during the three rain delays the answers were “we sang songs”. I know that sounds real lame but if you heard the songs.. you know were did it in true Euro style. The fun we had I will always remember.

.. the greatest golfing country in the world for Sophie. Solheim was my 7th win on the Emerald Isle. I know I come off sounding like a right plonker but for months before Solheim, all that was running thru my head was “I have never left Ireland disappointed and I’m not about to start now”. I was not going to loose in the country where the people had adopted me as their own.

The interview
I have gotten so many responses for the interview I did during the week and I wanted to talk a little bit about that.
Many people don’t know how hard speaking is for me. For most people who stutter, the more comfortable they are, the better they speak. If you put us alone in a room, asking us to talk to ourselves, I can promise you, none of us will stutter. If you put us up in front of people, I can guarantee that we will all struggle.
For me to be able to do this I knew we had to do something out of the ordinary. As you can imagine, having camera guys and a reporter in the room with me would have totally messed me up. I knew I had to be alone in order to have any chance of making this work. So with the help of Val Skinner, the Golf Channel set me up alone in a room with a rolling camera. I had gotten the questions written down for me so all I had to do was read out the questions and then answer them. Sounds pretty simple.
What you saw in the 3 minutes and 30 second interview was a 70 minute struggle for me and a 2 hours and 30 minutes editing for the poor bugger at the Golf Channel.
I am, however, very glad I did it and I am overwhelmed by the amount of positive response I have gotten. I had absolutely no idea that this interview would stir up so many emotions in people.
I just wanted to say a few words about the tournament I love.