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January 14, 2011

Still winter here

Yesterday morning might have been the most beautiful day I have ever seen. Every tree branch, every little bush was covered in snow. It was that hard snow that gets stuck on the smallest of branches. The sun was coming up and the light was amazing. If they would have shot a movie here yesterday you would have thought it was one of the painted backgrounds, the lame movies use. It was unreal. I had a hard choice to make. Either take my camera and go out and take pictures or go cross country skiing. Believe it or not, I choose the latter. Now, a day later when the sun is gone, I kind of regret it but I got a great workout done out there. I went back again today for more punishment and I actually think I have gotten better! I'm no Gunde Svan but I have spurts of decent skiing. 850 calories burned during 72 minutes is a pretty good workout.

The start of my season is creeping closer and I read tweets and blogs that players are worried when they haven't touched their clubs in 2 weeks. When I touch mine next week it will have been 44 days without as much as a sniff of my clubs. I have to say, I'm not worried, I still have a good month before my first event. If I can't get ready in a month.. I should start looking for another job. I think having a good off season is very beneficiary for someone like me who doesn't eat, live, breathe golf. If I play all the time, I get sick of it. Granted, I'm like that with most things. Too much of anything always gets sickening sooner or later.

Tomorrow, however, I might touch a golf club, not mine but some loaners. Friends have booked a time for indoor golf in a simulator and they want me to join them. I have a hard time with the simulators, they are so far away from the real thing. I played St Andrews in a simulator last winter and even with beers it was annoying.
Might just go bowling next door instead..

Have a good weekend folks


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