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January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!!!

So what really comes with a New Year? To me it's only really one thing. Hope. Hope for something better. Hope to improve. Hope to be able to exercise more, drink less, stop smoking, be a better father/mother/daughter/son and so on.
I like New Year. It gives you a clean slate to start something better. I know, I know.. you don't need New Year to start something good but I tellya... it sure helps :-)

So the clean slate of the Gustafson family was to book a ski trip next weekend. Change of scenery sounded good to all of us. We had such a blast last year when we went so we decided that we'll do it again this year. Last year when we were away it was -30C/-22F so the skiing time was max 90 minutes before your toes and fingers started to loose feeling. Hard to believe I still thought it was fun...This year we are going a little further up north to a bigger resort and the forecast is just below freezing so we should be golden! Just hope I stay upright so I don't mess up the start of the season.. not to worry.. long time until it starts anyway ;-).

Bought cross country skis the other day and tried them out. Turns out having a 20 year break makes you kinda bad... And the skis now are SO NARROW! How are they expecting you to stay upright on them? Well, I'm going out on a long ride tomorrow around the golf course and hopefully that will improve my form.

Wish me luck please


  1. First disillusionment for this year. Don't tell me that you used to smoke? You are my golf and sports hero!


  2. Funderar själv på ländskidor, ser ju så enkelt ut! Tänk att bara skejta iväg som Kalla. har skidorna blivit smalare? Haha, det ska bli ett kärt återseende efter som sagt ca 20 år.

  3. Haha! I didn't say I was going to do all them things! I don't smoke but I think it's the #1 thing people try to do after New Year. If you think about it, I'm not going to try to be a better father/mother or brother either ;-).

    Och Majsan, skidorna nu kan inte vara mycket bredare än 2 fingrar..

  4. Enjoy ther skiing stay upright!!

  5. Just read Golf World article about you. I am a retired bank Vice President who has stuttered all my life. "WAY TO GO GIRL"

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