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July 12, 2012

Dillon's quest

Hello again
Since my last post, I've had many people asking me how they could help Dillon. What I came up with (for now) is we should help him get his own iPad so he doesn't have to borrow the only one they have at school. The iPad has been an unbelievably valuable tool for his progress.
Since I’m fairly useless when it comes to setting something up online, I’ve worked my tail off trying to set up this PayPal Donations link. I have to say I’m very proud of my newfound programming skills ;-).

It should be added that since I'm not registered as a non-profit organization, your donations won't be tax deductible this time around.

Everything will of course go 100% to Dillon and his quest.

Everyone that donates will receive a code, to get a free Kiddori app, in the App store. It’s my good friends app and he is happy to contribute to our effort!

At some point I'll get sorted and set up properly for nonprofit fundraising, so I will be able to help out kids that need this kind of support...for now... this is all we got, and let's do some good in this young boys life.

Thank you


  1. As a teacher I have seen what a negative impact bullying can have on a kid. Although we try to stop it, sometimes it gets through the cracks and can even be perpetuated by adults. I am very proud to say that I was a fan of yours before this, and ever more proud to be a fan of yours after reading what you are doing with this young man.

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