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April 6, 2012

Acceptance speech

Hi again!

Long time no see.
I'm such a rookie doing blogs so every time I go on here (read; once every third month), I'm struggling to log in. Not because I have forgotten the password but because I just can't find where to log in.
There is another definition of donut for you.
I want to start by giving a big thank you for all the comments I have gotten on here. I'm sorry I haven't responded but most of the time, it's because I don't know how to.

I was up at Augusta this week to accept the Ben Hogan Award. Brought my brother over from Sweden. He watches golf on TV like there is no tomorrow so being able to walk the sacred grounds of Augusta National where like heaven to him.

To make a long story short.. the taped acceptance speech I did got such great response so I have decided to post if on here.

If you don't know what the Ben Hogan Award is, it's given out by the Golf Writers Association of America to someone who's remained active in golf despite physical handicap or a serious illness.
I'm very humbled to have been chosen for this and below is my video taped acceptance speech.

Well imagine that... I wasn't able to post it on here. I was however able to post it on youtube so here you go...


  1. It's a great thing you're doing, Sophie, and I know you must be a real role model for kids. Don't forget to let your golf do the talking too, want to see you in at Parker, CO in 2013. Good on you!!

    1. Sophie, your message was very touching. I would love to subtitle your acceptance speech into Spanish. You have many fans in Latin America. Would you authorize the subtitling?

  2. Hi Sophie!
    It's Chris from Kaenon Polarized. I'm so completely proud of you and your accomplishments both on and off the golf course. I know it was crazy at the PGA show in Orlando when we last spoke at the Kaenon booth...I briefly told you of my 7 year old daughter (Sophia) who is hearing Impaired. She just getting into golf and thinks the world of all of our fantastic Kaenon golfers. She loves the fact that you two share the same name...almost! I'm bringing her out to see the LPGA tour when it stops here in New Jersey. We hope to see you! Continued success, and congratulations on this awesome award!!!!

  3. Hey Sophie, I came aross your story on ESPN and felt like i was watching myself. Other than the professional golfing, and being a woman, you and I are twins! lol. I have stuttered my whole life, and people always ask what its like, and ive always said i didnt know what it was like to not stutter, so i guess it just means i have to plan a little longer wait time if i really want those rainbow sprinkles. I like to see you use the same sense of humor i have always used to get by, my dad told me once "son, you better make fun of yourself before someone else does, take away their ammo", on the contrary, i have been doing phone sales for about 3 years, and it has been one of the hardest things to get through, and it still sucks sometimes, but i can still hold my own, and it pays way to good to stop, however i am happy at work everyday, stutter and all. Keep stuttering, my grandmother always says it adds personality, and my wife loves it! awesome day!

  4. Sophie... du e görbra! Å skitsnygg i nya frillan!

  5. You are an inspiration. My 6 year old son struggles with stuttering and loves the game of golf. When I came across your story I had to share it with him. He had this amazing boost in confidence when he figured out that a pro golfer has bumps too. We are hoping to go see you play at the US Open in Wisconsin this summer. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. Sophie,

    In your impressive first-person article on the website golf.com, when you said "USC", did you mean "University of Southern California" or "University of South Carolina"? I would like to be in touch with the researcher that you mentioned.

    Thanks for your attention.

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  8. I'm such a rookie doing blogs so every time I go on here (read; once every third month), I'm struggling to log in. Not because I have forgotten the password but because I just can't
    find where to log in.

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